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Our Social Club

One of the proven methods utilised by Metro to introduce people is organising various functions for our members, including dinners, lunches, after work mingling, weekends away and workshops.  While socialising, clients meet and get to know each other more intimately to a point where often a positive connection is made. These meet-ups are not just for the fun. The reason why we organise these functions is people who make judgements purely on profile photographs often experience regret. It is based on our proficient matchmaking experience. Meeting someone in a social setting is the best way to find out of you a good match, or not.

Metro’s functions are well-known for their “family style”. The attendees are exclusively Metro members. Compared with the social functions organised by many other organisations, the key feature of Metro’s functions is the safety of our members.  At any function, people respect each other and enjoy being friendly and sociable.

During the functions, members have the freedom to talk to each other and obtain phone numbers from the people in whom they are interested. After the party, if they need further information or photos of any specific client that has piqued their interest, Metro can organise this and send it privately via email.

In addition, Metro’s consultants often assist people in approaching others during these functions. After each function we frequently have couples leaving happily together to enjoy additional time together as they see fit.

Apart from general entertainment, in order to help people to communicate, Metro also organises seminars and forums on the subjects of cultural differences and potential personality conflicts in a relationship. We will publish our activities to this page on a regular basis. We invite you to call your local Metro office should you require any additional information.