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Metro Personal, established since 1997, is a personal introduction and match making agency. Our unique reputation is based on being “personal and professional.” We have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland with over 2,000 members.

Most of our ladies are from Asian background. They are working and living here in Australia and New Zealand. 80% of them are permanent residents or citizens of either one of these two countries. Our male members are from various cultural backgrounds. They have strong interests in Asian people and their culture.
One of the key things that makes us stand out in this industry is our No Blind Dating system  (please check our Q&A page). This approach of Metro Personal is secure, convenient and transparent. It saves time and hassles in the longer run.

Metro Personal was founded by Eva Chen in 1999. Over the years Eva has established a special column called “The Whispering Corner”, where she has published more than 500 relationship articles in more than a dozen publications. She was also the guest speaker on a Sydney radio station in a segment dealing with relationships.
In 2012 she was selected by SBS for the program called “Behind the Front Door” where she told the story of her life, family and career.

Eva’s articles are practical and interesting. They cover many areas concerning relationships, including how to understand men, how to understand women, how to select the right person, how to survive in a relationship where there are differences in culture and language, how to communicate better with the partners, etc. All these articles demonstrate the depth and breadth of Eva’s understanding of relationship dynamics. Eva is the only consultant in the entire industry that provides practical tips and guidance. She is constantly studying and researching the field of relationships for the benefit of Metro clients.

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