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When I first had the opportunity to contact Claudia through Metro Personal I was initially reluctant . At the time I was working in Brisbane (though I am originally from Sydney) , and with Claudia based in Sydney it seemed a case of being in the “too hard” category .I thought the long distance relationship thing could never work . But after initially being reluctant I quickly put aside my fears and changed my outlook to the “nothing ventured , nothing gained” and “don’t die wondering” categories .So on that September night in 2019 , I took a chance and gave her a call . We connected straight away and the conversation flowed easily . We got on great and I even jokingly offered to married her the following Saturday ! I made a few flights to Sydney over the coming weeks so we could get  to know each other and our love blossomed . I returned to Sydney at Christmas time and we were married on December 30th .We had a honeymoon in central Australia ( I had worked in Alice Springs previously ) .

   I had spent many , many years alone without love and to be frank ,joining metro was my last ditch effort to find love .Beyond that I was going to accept that I would be alone forever  .But I took the chance and found a wonderful loving partner . With thanks to Metro Personal , Claudia and I are very happy .
( Jeff Simpson and Claudia Salim )
Hi Eva , 
I had been looking to find a partner for quite some time,  and that’s when I decided to join Metro Personal.
Eva took my details and within no time at all was introduced to Peni .
We chatted for a while to see if we had some things in common and then after a while ,video called each other, Bearing in mind I was in Australia and Peni was in Laos … we liked the look of each other and hit it off straight away .
After months of txting and video  calling we decided that we would like to meet each other in Bali .
We spent six days in Bali and by the end of the stay really really liked each other and was actually quite sad to have to go back to our country’s .
We decided to take it one step  further after our conversations and the obvious body language that we had both picked up on .
I visited Peni in Laos after two months and spent two weeks with her and have been back four times this year I also brought Peni a engagement ring and we plan to get married in July this year 2020 .
She is the love of my life , very understanding , down to earth  and kind with good family values  we are both very happy and glad we have found each other , but without Eva it would have not been possible , it really is worth the effort searching for your ideal partner with Eva , her support is amazing , thank you Eva for putting me in touch with my future wife .
Kind regards Phil & Peni .


Hi Hong : thank you for sending me the profile for Lyn, however I must decline. The reason for this is that I am in a relationship with May and we are now living together: thank you for introducing me to May; we are very happy.

Kind Regards

David Le Page

B.Bus M. Tax Law FCPA (Taxation) J.P

Governing Director

Expressive happy surprised man, isolated on white

Dear Eva ,

First of all , I must apologize for the late reply …  I am sorry that I thought I did reply you straight away , but of course I forgot click send button as usual  …

However , I would like to say big thanks for meeting me last Tuesday morning again . I always enjoy talking to you and feeling good after all …  You are really amazing lady Eva …  No wonder why you are such a successful in your business … 

Again , thank you for the new recommendation of Paul and prepared Robert for later .  Hopefully one day I will find that one special person who is belongs to me in my life again in the near future with your wonderful  professional services and great assistances .

I am looking forward to seeing you in the dinner party next week . Have a great weekend with the family .

Best Regards

Peggy .   


Good  morning guys!,                    

How are you all ?   I hope you are all happy ,      wealthy,        and healthy when this letter reaches you!

Just a quick letter  to tell you , as you read this letter, I will be at the Brisbane International Airport ready to board the 9.55 am plane to Shenyang , to  see my fiancé,  Xia.

We will be getting married in China on the 22nd May (Tuesday)  , and we will definitely be thinking of –  and thanking you guys very much for “putting us together”!!!!!!    

Xia is having some photos taken on the 23rd May (Wednesday) , and I have asked her to please send you guys some nice photos!

All for now ,

Have a great day!

Kindest of regards,    

From Ray

Hi Eva and beautiful members,

How are you?
We’ve been fine.
Thanks for your kind assistance, I applied permanent visa as the partner of Frans last week.
We are very happy and enjoying our life.
You gave me a new wonderful life in Australia with him.

I appreciate you and your members.
I’d like to see you and say thank you someday near future.
I’ll mail you for asking your schedule when I have a chance to visit.

Thanks again.


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Hi Eva,

If you can please update my profile to successfully matched. I am very excited to say that I have found love with your recommendation. Thank you so much for your service and sorry for being difficult in the beginning. You and your staff at Metro Personals are very professional and I will be sure to recommend you to any friends or family who are looking for a partner.
Thank you again Eva

From Sam

 Dear Eva I would like to congratulate you for the way you conduct your business. How refreshing it is to find some one in the mating scene that cares for those  who are seeking a mate.  It is very comforting to know the history of someone before you actually meet.
If it had not been for you I would have not met Cici who is a lovely lady  We were recently married and are looking forward to a future together.
May I wish that you continue your excellent efforts and you find a success the exceeds your wildest dreams

Dear Betty

Hi and how are you? Just a quick email to let you know that things between jane39 and me have gone very well. We were married on May 1st this year and Jane is expecting our first child in September this year. And yes it is a boy. We both thank you for your services and wish you all a great year.


Thank you betty for your congratulations; I am happy to write a few words about the service you provided SEE BELOW.

I as a very happy and satisfied client write a few words of appreciation to the AUCKLAND branch of METRO PERSONAL managed by BETTY MA.  She and her staff were responsible for introducing to me my present Partner who is shortly to become my Wife.

The introduction was handled in a most professional manner and the help and advice given as my Partner and I deepened our Friendship was of the highest order. I will have no hesitation in recommending my friends to use these friendly services.


Hi Alice,
Hope you are well.
I am writing to ask you to remove my profile from your books. Grace and I got engaged 3 months ago. I want to thank you for introducing Grace to me, she is all I could have ever asked for. The last 12 months have been the happiest of my life.
Once again thank you for everything.
Kind regards,

Hi Eva,

It’s Jamie here one of your clients.

Would just like to share some really good news with you: Annie and I were married on the 27th of August, so I guess that you can now take our files out of your clients list! Ha ha!

I’d like to share the photos with you of our special day, you can see the log-in details and the web link in the e-mail from the professional photographer below:

Anyway Eva, I hope that you are keeping well, and are having much success with your business, I would recommend you to any single people.

Annie and I are very happy; we have bought a new property and have a baby on the way! (Due 15th of December.)

 Many thanks to you for introducing Annie and I to each other!

Warm regards,

Jamie and Annie.

Hi Eva,

I stumbled upon an advertisement for Metropersonal and I thought I’d give it a shot. I just filled in the form and submitted it right now.

I wrote in because I actually wanted to thank you for the articles and tips you have you have written up.

Of all the thousands of self-help articles by gurus, advice by professionals, and everything else under the sun such as talk shows, or scientific advice. It is very refreshing to finally read something that rings true, from someone who seems to understand the core of what relationships are about. I guess for me a touch point was the advice on behaviors for women to read about men, as well as tips for the men, and most importantly, your article on Finding the Right One…



Dear Eva,

First of all I wish to thank you for the wonderful service you have provided me with. Unbeknown to you I was at a very low point in my life when I walked into your office. Over the past year I tried many things to find happiness. First I changed my job, then I bought a new car and took a long holiday, but nothing was helping me very much to find total happiness. ……

Eva, I must tell you I was very skeptical about the whole thing, but all you ever ask for was to trust you. Meeting Anita was the strangest experience I’ve ever had. Prior to meeting Anita, I have smoked at least a dozen cigarettes to calm my nerves but from the moment I met her, she surrounded me with peace and tranquility, something no other person ever gave to me.

Eva, thank you for all your kind help, you are one of those people one will never forget. Out of the blue you came to me and took away life’s misery.


Hello Eva,

Thank you for your invitation to your party but I cannot make it. The reason is that one of your staff called da gave me the phone number of a lady named Helen. We met about 1 months ago and hit it straight off. You know, Eva, I am the happiest man in the world at the moment

She is perfect. She is everything I dreamed of, in the short time I have know her we have both realized that we are in love, instant  that great

So it is her 30th birthday on Friday. I have a surprise for her on that day because today I am going shopping for an engagement ring… So Eva I thank you, Ada & Linda for making me and Helen so very happy together. .. I will keep you in touch as our relationship develops.. Good buy for now¦


Dear Eva Chen & Co.

I am Arthur. Now I sick at bed. I only can dictation and Jennifer writes:

Thank you introduce me nice friend. When I am sick, she is all heart and soul look after me. She is medical doctor. She have knowledge. She try do best one for me to keep my life.
Now I shall go heaven. But I feel content. I say thank you so much again. I at heaven can bless attention to you.

(Remarks: Arthur passed away shortly after this letter after 2 years battle with cancer. Jennifer was the only person with him for the entire period till the end)

Hi Eva,

It seems like a long time since I last spoke to you. Pamela and I are getting engaged next month, and I would just like to thank you and your company for making this possible. I recall at first I was not interested in Pam as she had a child, but thanks to your prompting I decided to meet her, and thankfully we have been very happy ever since. A trip to China, a wedding and bringing the  one to live with us in Sydney are all planned for next year.

I can and will highly recommend Metro Personal to all my friends and acquaintances.



Dear Eva,

Last month you introduced me to a wonderful lady named Jenny. I am writing to you to thank you for the introduction. I felt comfortable with her from our first meeting. We spent every day together for a full week, and have become very close. I am flying to Perth soon to visit Jenny, and get to spend more time with her.

The profile you sent me of Jenny was spot on. She has a great personality, and is very attractive. I do believe we have a future together. I am so happy. I just had to write to you. Thanks again to you and your staff. You have been great!

From Thomas

Dear Jane and Eva,

Just thought you might like to know Rachel and I are still very happy and living in QLD. We both are still so much in love and are planning to marry later in the year. In 1 week we are going to live in China for 2 months and stay with Rachel’s family.

I am so grateful to you both for finding me the woman I know I was meant to be with all my life. Dreams do come true and mine came true the day I met Rachel. Sure we have had our share of problems but if your truly love someone and believe in the future then you can overcome anything. Take care all of you.

From Scott and Rachel

Dear Eva,

Just a short letter with a small present from Sharon and myself, to wish you a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year, and more specifically to thank you for introducing us.

We are both so very grateful that your excellent introduction agency exists; your extensive list of contacts of all ages, your professionalism, and your concern for your clients combined with your ability to make the whole work as a viable business, has created a lot of happiness in Sydney over the years.

It took a eighteen months for me to meet Sharon through you, but despite my occasional pessimism you were always optimistic that you would find the right person. And you were right, Sharon and I are often amused, intrigued and deluged at how suited we are to each other.

Again, thank you from both of us for the introduction.

From Alan and Sharon

Hi Eva

Thank you for your lovely introductions. It is pleasure to deal with a business that is so professional. Unfortunately, in this area there are a lot of fly by night operators.

From Andrew

Woman blowing a heart made of little hearts holding on her hand desintegrating on a white isolated background

Dear Eva, Jessica,

The reason for my email is first of all, I would like to thank all of you for your service and opportunity to meet Woei, which I reckon a thank you is not good enough to express my gratefulness. As you may be informed Woei and I are getting along with each other pretty well, to everyone surprise including ourselves. Thus, I would like to ask you please kindly withdraw my details from your internet and no further recommendation please.

Best wishes to you all.

From Apple

Hello Eva,

Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family.

Yes, it’s been a long time, however we have some fantastic news to share with you.

Jiumei and I got married late last year and we have just received our photos from the photographer so we both agreed that you should be one of the first to receive a copy. We had a very private wedding in the city and as you can see it went off very well and everyone was very relaxed (We had a fun day with no stress or pressure).

Life has been great since we met, so along with getting married we have also purchased a lovely home in Cherrybrook where all four of us have settled into family life.
We need to pass on our sincere thanks to you and Annie at Metro for being part of a life change for all of us………..we haven’t really looked back since we first met, and life is good and comfortable, with good fortune and health; something that we wish to share with you for the year of the OX.

We wish you continued success and happiness along with a sincere thank you in bringing about the connection and bond between us all.

We endeavor to catch up with you sometime this coming year to thank you personally for your advice and support.

From Jim and Jiumei

Here are some photos