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About Us

Metro Personal is Australia’s No.1 professional Asian ladies matchmaking agency, since 1997, we have offices in major cities in Australia. We meet members face to face and know them very well individually, we provide effective supports and guidance to our members.
We are different from online dating. The difference is the people and the system. With online dating, people hide behind the computer to put own information and photo.  You don’t know who is behind. But our scenario, we meet everyone face to face. And through the service we also get to know them very well individually. So, our people are real people, and service is personal. Our members are well prepared for relationships. When you deal with people who are ready, it will be so much easier.
We successfully matched over 1,000 happy couples. Our male members are from Asian background and Western background. 90% are permanent residents, or Australian citizens. Most of them have decent jobs or have a business. All of our ladies are with Asian background. Most of them are permanent residents, or Australian citizens. They are well-educated and have professional jobs.
We provide members with safety, privacy, transparency and high success rates.

 Our Team

Eva Chen- Sydney

The founder of Metro PersonalConsultants/ Relationship columnist.  BA
Eva was born and raised in China, where she completed her BA degree, majoring in English language and literature. In 1988, she came to Sydney, Australia. Before establishing her own business, she worked for a school and then a finance company.
In 1997 Eva established Metro Personal Consultant in Sydney. The company now has licensees and branches all over Australia and New Zealand with over 2,000 members with more than 1,000  successfully matched happy couples.
But most importantly, Eva is still a hands-on consultant. She personally looks after matching and consultation. She makes herself available for clients to discuss their thoughts, their happiness, their concerns, or misunderstandings during the dating process. Through this experience, she often becomes a friend to many of the Metro Personal clienteles.
Eva’s Contacts: Email:
                         Phone: +61 2 9221 0123


Annie Li–West Australia

Managing Director Of Metro Personal Consultants WA PhD
Annie was born and raised in China and has been living in Australia for over 7 years since 2011. She speaks fluent Mandarin, English and Korean.
 Before joining Metro Personal, Annie is the only one Chinese who had previously worked for Perth’s top developer companies in Perth. In addition, she is the organizer of the first and second Chinese real estate assembly in Perth. In addition, she is the editor of the Western Australian’s Chinese real estate address book. What’s more, she is the founder of Perth Real Estate and Western Australian Real Estate – the No.1 professional WeChat public platform about real estate, which attracts the attention of most people in WA.
 Annie has proficient communication skills and strong marketing skills. She has a good manner. Clients would feel comfortable when they communicate with her. She always attracts others because she has a certain charm. After joining Metro Personal, Annie has been through professional trainings. She is a professional and trusted consultant for you.
 Annie’s contact:  Email:
                            Phone: +61 8 6160 6018; 0414 309 098        


Gabby LI- Queensland

Manager of Metro Personal Consultants Queensland. BA
Gabby was born and raised in China and has been living in Australia for over six years since 2011. Prior to coming to Australia, she worked and lived in many countries, including South Korea, Japan, Thailand, South Africa, Dubai, and Egypt. She was a management assistant and an administrator in the travel sector. Gabby is university educated, majoring in marketing.
After joining Metro Personal in 2015, Gabby took charge of the whole Metro Personal’s Queensland operation. Her warm and patient nature has always made our clients feel comfortable to engage with her. Gabby also has excellent communication skills. She is able to communicate with people from all background and all races.
Like all the managers and staffs in Metro Personal, Gabby also received professional training.  She is a professional and trusted consultant.
Gabby’s contact: Email:
                           Phone:  +61 7 3319 1864; 0426 132 988