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From Con:

Dear Eva.

Long time to talk to you! I hope you are well , and your business getting well every day. Helen said to me that she wants to put her on hold as she wants to try

with me. This is true. I waited her choice, because when i met her and discussed together , i thought that she wants to start together something good like a friendship and latter , how know`s something better.

Maybe she scared ,because my Mediterranean and Greek style is different than the others guys here , i don`t know, and then  changed her opinion!

We discussed after Easter and both we agreed  that we will try together on better way! 

From the beginning i was straight and genuine like all my life. Also Helen was honest with me so , at  the end of the day everything well!

I believe that everything best may, start with difficult conditions and after travel on easy way. This is the life. Never say never!

Helen is a lovely girl ( you were correct , when you said to me about her ) fighter , smart , and pretty! She loves simple things and, she dreams a wonderful life for her and her son like all the natural people! Also i respect her effort , because for everything she  decided difficult ways. Now she is a winner!

After that please put myself on hold , and i hope next time, I and Helen will meet you and both said to you THANK YOU!

However i feel happy about your service and all your thoughts for me. When i started together 3 months ago, anytime i had  best communication with you and your business partners and then, you can understand my personality and my culture! 

Thanks a lot again!

Warm Regards,


From Craig



 From Bryce:


Dear Eva I would like to congratulate you for the way you conduct your business. How refreshing it is to find some one in the mating scene that cares for those  who are seeking a mate.  It is very comforting to know the history of someone before you actually meet.
If it had not been for you I would have not met Cici who is a lovely lady  We were recently married and are looking forward to a future together.
May I wish that you continue your excellent efforts and you find a success the exceeds your wildest dreams
Sincerely… Bryce+
Bryce is 81 years old, living in the country of NSW. I admired his courage and spirit not to give up, nor finding any excuse to stop being happy. I sincerely wish him and his new life all the best!


From Steve and Jane :

Dear Betty

Hi and how are you? Just a quick email to let you know that things between jane39 and me have gone very well. We were married on May 1st this year and Jane is expecting our first child in September this year. And yes it is a boy. We both thank you for your services and wish you all a great year.



From Athol: 

I as a very happy and satisfied client write a few words of appreciation to the AUCKLAND branch of METRO PERSONAL 
managed by BETTY MA. She and her staff were responsible for introducing to me my present Partner who is shortly to become my Wife.

The introduction was handled in a most professional manner and the help and advice given as my Partner and I deepened our Friendship was of the highest order. I will have no hesitation in recommending my friends to use these friendly services.

From  Athol


From Peter:

Hi Alice,
Hope you are well.
I am writing to ask you to remove my profile from your books. Grace and I got engaged 3 months ago. I want to thank you for introducing Grace to me, she is all I could have ever asked for. The last 12 months have been the happiest of my life.
Once again thank you for everything.
Kind regards,

From Jamie and Annie:

Hi Eva,

It’s Jamie  here one of your clients.

I Would just like to share some really good news with you: Annie and I were married on the 27th of August, so I guess that you can now take our files out of your  clients list! Ha ha!

We’d like to share the photos with you of our special day, you can see the log-in details and the web link in the e-mail from the professional photographer below:

Anyway Eva, I hope that you are keeping well, and are having much success with your business, I would recommend you to any single people.

Annie and I are very happy; we have bought a new property and have a baby on the way! (Due 15th of December.)

 Many thanks to you for introducing Annie and I to each other!

Warm regards,

Jamie and Annie.


From Gaurav:

Hi Eva,

I stumbled upon an advertisement for Metropersonal and I thought I’d give it a shot. I just filled in the form and submitted it right now.

I wrote in because I actually wanted to thank you for the articles and tips you have you have written up.

Of all the thousands of self-help articles by gurus, advice by professionals, and everything else under the sun such as talk shows, or scientific advice. It is very refreshing to finally read something that rings true, from someone who seems to understand the core of what relationships are about. I guess for me a touch point was the advice on behaviours for women to read about men, as well as tips for the men, and most importantly, your article on Finding the Right One….




From John: 

Dear Eva,

First of all I wish to thank you for the wonderful service you have provided me with. Unbeknown to you I was at a very low point in my life when I walked into your office. Over the past year I tried many things to find happiness. First I changed my job, then I bought a new car and took a long holiday, but nothing was helping me very much to find total happiness. 

Eva, I must tell you I was very sceptical about the whole thing, but all you ever ask for was to trust you. Meeting Anita was the strangest experience I’ve ever had. Prior to meeting Anita, I have smoked at least a dozen cigarettes to calm my nerves but from the moment I met her, she surrounded me with peace and tranquillity, something no other person ever gave to me.

Eva, thank you for all your kind help, you are one of those people one will never forget. Out of the blue you came to me and took away life’s misery.



From Arthur:

Dear Eva Chen & Co.

I am Arthur. Now I sick at bed. I only can dictation and Jennifer writes:

Thank you introduce me nice friend. When I am sick, she is all heart and soul look after me. She is medical doctor. She have knowledge. She try do best one for me to keep my life.
Now I shall go heaven. But I feel content. I say thank you so much again. I at heaven can bless attention to you.

(Remarks: Arthur passed away shortly after this letter after 2 years battle with cancer. Jennifer was the only person with him for the entire period till the end)


From Lee: 

Hello Eva,

Thank you for your invitation to your party but I cannot make it. The reason is that one of your staff called da gave me the phone number of a lady named Helen. We met about 1 months ago and hit it straight off. You know, Eva, I am the happiest man in the world at the moment

She is perfect. She is everything I dreamed of, in the short time I have know her we have both realised that we are in love, “instant that great”.

So it is her 30th birthday on Friday. I have a surprise for her on that day because today I am going shopping for an engagement ring… So Eva I thank you, Ada & Linda for making me and Helen so very happy together. .. I will keep you in touch as our relationship develops.. Good buy for now…..



From Thomas:

Dear Eva,

Last month you introduced me to a wonderful lady named Jenny. I am writing to you to thank you for the introduction. I felt comfortable with her from our first meeting. We spent every day together for a full week, and have become very close. I am flying to Perth soon to visit Jenny, and get to spend more time with her.

The profile you sent me of Jenny was spot on. She has a great personality, and is very attractive. I do believe we have a future together. I am so happy. I just had to write to you. Thanks again to you and your staff. You  have been great!



From Alan and Sharon:

Dear Eva,

Just a short letter with a small present from Sharon and myself, to wish you a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year, and more specifically to thank you for introducing us.

We are both so very grateful that your excellent introduction agency exists; your extensive list of contacts of all ages, your professionalism, and your concern for your clients combined with your ability to make the whole work as a viable business, has created a lot of happiness in Sydney over the years.

It took a eighteen months for me to meet Sharon through you, but despite my occasional pessimism you were always optimistic that you would find the „right person‟. And you were right, Sharon and I are often amused, intrigued and deluged at how suited we are to each other.

Again, thank you from both of us for the introduction.

From Alan and Sharon