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The Dos in First Date

“Dos”in your first date

  1. Do smile. Smiling is a way to relax yourself and the other;
  2. Do praise the other person  for whatever worth to praise. No one will reject people who praise them. 
  3. Do answer the difficult  question in diplomatic way by talking principle, common sense, but not details, nor strong comments;
  4. Do ask light questions, including interests and hobbies,  achievements, some life experience, growing up experience, family, etc.
  5. Do talk about your achievement subtly and casually, so you can  promote yourself in a humble way;
  6. Do encourage the other person to express, or talk. Be a good listener
  7. Be open , encouraging and humorous  in the conversation;
  8. Do offer to pay, or share the bill, no matter you are man and a woman. No one has obligation to pay for you;
  9. Do show appreciation if someone pays for the date, or gives you a present, regardless whether the bill is small or big.
  10. Do give the second chance even the first impression is not fantastic      

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