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Donts on The First Date

Love at First Sight Vector Cartoon Couple

First dates  is challenging for singles. If one foot is putting in a wrong place, you can spoil a life-time opportunity.  Here are some DON’TS when you meet someone first time:

  1. Don’t be late, no matter you are a man, or a woman;
  2. Don’t go if you are not well-groomed;
  3. Don’t arrange or attend the event  which is hard to escape, including dinner, movie, concerts, friends’ party, etc.
  4. Don’t talk about yourself too much
  5. Don’t talk about your relationship experience, or expectation too much
  6. Don’t criticise anything, including your ex, your boss, your day, your job, political parties, etc
  7. Don’t use the words like “I will never… “, “I hate…”, 
  8. Don’t give negative comments to the other person’s story;
  9. Don’t provide advise when you are not asked for. 
  10. Don’t answer any question if you are not comfortable  
  11.  —-  By Eva Chen:

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