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Why are Asian women attracted to Western men?

This is a popular question among both Asian and Western community. Thinking of the language barrier, the difference in culture, food, even mind-set,  people wonder how  an Asian woman can be possibly attracted to someone who is so different?

The easiest answer  is : the law of nature: Opposite Attracts.

Because of the differences, people become more curious;  Because of the differences, people are drawn to find out more;  Because of the differences, people can constantly learn, share  and try different things together; Of course because of the differences, the chemistry lasts longer.

Do we say differences do not create problems? No, never will say that. But any human community, or unity will have problems, same is the unity formed by a Western man and an Asian woman. Problem itself is not a problem. The real problem is our mind and attitude. If you want to resolve problem, nothing can worry you.

5 replies to “Why are Asian women attracted to Western men?”

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  2. I feel Reading Eva’s blog is very enjoyable, it gives lots of insight of how relationships work, and her style is interesting, relaxing, and practical :)
    As an Asian women, I dated few western gentlemen, I feel the challenge is the emotional closeness. To me, for a relationship to last long, there are three elements required: passion, promise and emotional closeness. Passion probably the easiest part, with a bit chemistry and attraction, it comes naturally. However promises is not commonly seen on an western guys dating agenda, as majority of them do not understand much about Chinese culture , so hard for them to appreciate how important a promising relationship means to Asian women, as we often hold strong family value and expect for a marriage eventually. Interesting that western guys normally attracted to Asian women’s physical appearance, while few of them even bother to google to learn a bit Chinese culture, and that makes the emotional closeness even harder to happen, especially when lack of mutual understanding with culture barrier.
    So running a relationship and overcoming culture differences tend to fall on women’s shoulder, as they expect women playing the ambassador role. I hope the guys at least showing some interest and making efforts in understanding the culture differences:)

    1. Hi Lynn,

      Thank you for your contribution and view point . I agree there are cultural differences to overcome for people from different cultural background. On top of that, there are also differences between men and women people need to understand.

      In order to close the gap , not only we need to understand the differences, also be able to use Western culture culture and men’s nature to communicate with them.
      For example, many Asian women believe : If a man loves me, he should know what I want. So instead of telling men, they expect men to find out their needs. This can be bit hard for a Western man, because he has the challenge in language, culture and understanding the nature of women. However if we can use Western way , or men’s way to communicate with him, the situation can be different. That is to tell him directly what you want, or what you don’t want; or what your culture about, what is important for you, etc. As long as the communication remains non-critical, friendly and polite, I think many Western men would be happy to accept and try to please you.

      If someone remains uninterested in your communication, I don’t think he is the right person for long term happiness.

      This is just a personal view.

  3. Why are Indian women NOT attracted to Western men?
    Why are Pilipino women NOT attracted to Western men?

    Based on what you said, ALL non-Western women are attracted to Western men. But, it you look around, it IS only Chinese women attracted to Western men.

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