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Why are Asian women attracted to Western men?

This is a popular question among both Asian and Western community. Thinking of the language barrier, the difference in culture, food, even mind-set,  people wonder how  an Asian woman can be possibly attracted to someone who is so different?

The easiest answer  is : the law of nature: Opposite Attracts.

Because of the differences, people become more curious;  Because of the differences, people are drawn to find out more;  Because of the differences, people can constantly learn, share  and try different things together; Of course because of the differences, the chemistry lasts longer.

Do we say differences do not create problems? No, never will say that. But any human community, or unity will have problems, same is the unity formed by a Western man and an Asian woman. Problem itself is not a problem. The real problem is our mind and attitude. If you want to resolve problem, nothing can worry you.

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